USyd’s Beloved Jacaranda Has Been Replaced With A Wee Baby Clone Of Itself

It’s been a long time coming, but the iconic University of Sydney jacaranda tree has finally been replaced – by itself.

A genetically identical clone has been planted in the same spot as the previous purple giant, which stood in the quadrangle for 88 years, striking fear into the hearts of students who hadn’t started studying for their exams by the time it bloomed in spring.

The baby Groot jacaranda has been joined by a local upstart as well: a native flame tree, on the opposite side of the pathway. The header pic above is an artist’s impression of what the two will look like when they’re mature and blooming; at the moment they’re both only 4.5 metres tall.

The jacaranda held such a treasured place in current and former USyd students’ hearts that everyone was genuinely devastated when it fell over in October last year. It’s a heartwarming thought than in a few years, it’ll be serving as a graduation photo backdrop and omen of academic doom once again.

The university held a ceremony and took out a birth announcement in the local paper for the planting, and as far as tree news goes, this is pretty much as good as it gets.

Long may she (purple) reign.