PURPLE REIGN: USyd To Replace Legendary Jacaranda Tree W/ Genetic “Clone”

When the University of Sydney’s talismanic jacaranda tree noped out of the Earth late last month, bereaved students lay floral tributes to the quadrangle’s purple icon.

It may have been better for them to hold off, ’cause the tree will actually be replaced – with itself.

The University announced a cutting taken in 2014 has been cultivated into a fully-fledged tree that’ll replace its felled progenitor by April 2017. 
Read: they’re pulling a Groot with one of two back-up “clones.” 
As if that’s not already the best arboreal news you’ve heard all day, the uni has also flagged plans to install another you-beaut tree on-campus, and they’re keen to source one from a lil’ closer to home.

Dr Michael Spence, the uni’s vice-chancellor, said “we are built on the lands of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation… so as we replant the jacaranda, we are also committed to replanting a local tree in an iconic location.”

Front-runners currently include a ‘Strayan flame tree or a yellowbox tree. It’s also reported there have been suggestions the Uni install a species that blooms earlier in the year, playing off superstitions that students who begin exam studies after the jacaranda blooms are doomed to fail.
Here we are, on a Friday afternoon, stoked about two new trees. Good one, USyd.