Everyone’s Frothing ABC’s Crime Podcast ‘Unravel: Snowball’, About A Female Dirty John

Unravel Podcast

The crime podcast craze shows no signs of slowing down – in fact, True Crime has recently become a separate category on Apple Podcasts, that’s how many crime poddys exist in the world for all us weirdos to enjoy. One of the local MVPs is the ABC Podcast offering Unravel, with season four dropping last week and already topping the charts in Aus.

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The latest season steers away from unsolved murders and into the very Dirty John / Who The Hell Is Hamish type area of love fraud. Hosted by the head of Triple J, Ollie Wards, the latest Unravel story is a personal one for his family.

In the podcast, Ollie tells the twisted tale of Lezlie Manzukian, a Californian-born con artist who met Ollie’s brother, Greg Wards, while he was holidaying in London. The pair fell in love and started a life together in Greg’s native New Zealand, but things soon took a turn which resulted in Greg’s family losing their business, home and life savings.

It’s a wild story that gets even wilder, as over 7 episodes of Unravel, Ollie traces Lezlie’s path of destruction from New Zealand to Hawaii to the UK and the mainland USA, where she left a trail of victims in her wake.

Folks are already raving about Unravel, with a bunch of people in the true crime podcast Facebook groups I’m in having smashed the entire 7 episodes over the weekend, which is what prompted me to write this story so my fellow true crime weirdos all jump on board too.

Once you’re done with Unravel, you should probably give PEDESTRIAN’s own true crime / mystery podcast All Aussie Mystery Hour a whirl. Firstly, I’m one of the co-hosts so you know it must be amazing. And also, we cover classic Aussie yarns like the disappearance of our prime minister Harold Holt, who put poo in gelato at the Coogee Bay Hotel in 2008, the death of Azaria Chamberlain and the still-unidentified body known as The Somerton Man.

Check it out on Apple Podcasts HERE, or on Spotify HERE. Or, you can just listen / download below.