CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses rape.

The ABC‘s true crime podcast, Unravel, which investigates Aussie cold cases, this season focusing on the disappearance of Trudie Adams, has risen to the top of the iTunes charts.

Yesterday it briefly made it to #1 in Top Shows, ahead of The Australian‘s thorough reporting into the disappearance of Lyn Dawson in The Teacher’s Pet. Today it stands at #3, but is #1, ahead of both The Teacher’s Pet and the global sensation that is Serial, under News & Politics. Impressive, ey?

The first episode in a three-part TV doco about the investigation, titled Barrenjoey Road, aired last night on the ABC. The series, also hosted by Ruby Jones, further looks into 18-year-old Adams’ disappearance from Sydney‘s Northern Beaches in 1978. She was last seen leaving Newport Surf Club to hitchhike home.

Jones says she is trying to ascertain the answers to whether Adams was last seen getting into a beige-coloured panel van, or a green Kombi van;  whether there is any connection between her planned trip to Bali and her disappearance – could there be a link to drug smuggling; and whether her disappearance is linked to a series of at least 14 sexual assaults that occurred in the area between 1971 and 1978.

As the ABC writes, Adams featured in an unscripted 1977 surf movie, titled Highway One, by filmmaker Steve Otton.

Since the podcast began earlier this month, more than six women, who were teens or in their early 20s at the time, have reached out to the ABC to talk about their experiences of attempted assault on the Northern Beaches in the ’70s.

After a podcast special about Adams’ disappearance was released by Manly Daily in August, 14 women approached local police to report being raped while hitchhiking between Mona Vale and Palm Beach in the ’70s.

The next episode of Unravel is expected to land on your podcast app on Tuesday, while the next ep of Barrenjoey Road airing on the same day.

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Source: ABC
Image: ABC