UK PM David Cameron Dismisses That Brexit Petition, Says It’s Def On

Look, we know there are a lot of Brits who are stinging mightily about the result of the Brexit referendum last week. That’s understandable. It was, in the grand scheme of things, pretty close.

A lot of people voted in a petition demanding a second referendum – more than 1.2 million, actually. But let’s be honest: that’s not really how democracy works. It’s not a best two out of three situation.
Cameron spoke in Parliament, talking about the insanely monumental task ahead of the UK. He confirmed that there was ‘”no doubt about the result” and said there was no chance there would be a second referendum.
Cameron was a great supporter of the Remain camp, so he’s clearly not entirely chuffed with this situation. He condemned a spate of racist outbursts in the wake of the referendum, like anti-Polish graffiti spotted on a shop.
There ya go, folks. Cameron gets to do a little bit of pre-work, then he can drop the mic and leave the absolutely monumental task of renegotiating trade agreements and rewriting a metric shit-tonne of legislation to his successor.
Et tu, Boris Johnson?
Source: The Independent.
Photo: Getty Images.