4chan Claim They’ve Artificially Jacked Up That 3.6M-Strong Brexit Petition

Internet weirdo institution 4chan have taken credit for the super quick growth of an internet petition to do a second “Brexit” referendum, claiming to have used bots to forge signatures from places like North Korea and Vatican City.

4chan is most famous as the point of origin of nearly all of the internet’s memes and as the premier place for socially maladjusted 16-year-olds to go and discuss anime and misandry.
The referendum, over whether Britain should leave the EU or not, passed with a very slim 51.9% of the vote, with some news outlets reporting that a lot of people who voted leave were expressing regret, not really believing it was actually going to happen.
The petition asks the government to uphold a rule that if, the result is by less than 60% from a turnout of less than 75%, the referendum is given a do-over, and has gotten 3.6 million signatures, making it the largest in Britain’s history.
Ironically, the petition was started by Leave advocates before the referendum went through, who didn’t anticipate that they would win.
So far 77,000 signatures have been removed on suspicion of forgery, which is only a fraction of the 3 million+ total, so it will be interesting to see if 4chan actually played any significant or if they’re just being shitty little trolls, as is their MO.
For some completely baffling reason, a lot of 4chan’s politically active dipshits are pro-Trump neo-conservatives who I guess just love chaos.
Source: The Mirror