Uber’s Challenging 50 Car Owners To Give ‘Em Up For A Month To See How Much $$$ They Save

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

If you’ve been wondering just how much cash your car is costing ya and how to make some of that cash back, Uber has got you.

Uber’s new One Less (Lonely) Car scheme is looking for 50 Aussies to give up their car for a month in exchange for $1300 worth of transport credits and a whole new outlook on car ownership.

A whopping 95% of cars sit idle most of the time and it’s costing way more dosh than you might think. Car ownership in Aus costs the average household $395 a week, AKA $19,000 a year and IDK about you but that’s money I’d rather have in my pocket than into my 2008 Nissan that gets driven twice a week.

This trial is testing the lifestyle of living ‘car light’ and if it’s gonna save me that much cash, sign me up.

Trial participants will be based across metro areas in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Bris-Vegas and even Canberra girlies can get in on the car free action.

You can use your transport credits towards pretty much anything. Public transport and point-to-point transport AKA Uber are both included.

All you’ve gotta do is give up your car for four weeks, and participate in a survey about any potential benefits of living sans a car. General health and wellbeing of all participants will also be assessed throughout Uber’s trial.

If you’ve been considering chucking your car up on Facebook Marketplace for a couple extra coins in your pocket, consider giving this trial a go to see if living car free is really all it’s cracked up to be.

You can sign up for Uber’s One Less Car trial HERE