Remember When Uber Woke Up & Chose Violence By Letting Everyone See Their One-Star Ratings?

uber ratings how to find one star

Uber released a bunch of new stats at the start of the year, including just how well riders are rated by Uber drivers. Yep, you can have a look at the breakdown of all the trips you’ve taken over the years and see just exactly why you’re on a 4.7-star rating. That also means you can check just how many times you’ve copped a one-star rating for whatever reason. Good, great, terrifying.

The ridesharing app launched its privacy centre in February, which included a heap of new features for riders including all your trips and every single Uber Eats order you’ve ever made.

Not sure if this is a good or bad thing, to be honest. Like, do I really want to see my 2am rides home from the club and how many times I’ve ordered hungover Macca’s?

I had a little spy behind the scenes of my own 4.78-star rating, just to see how it all shakes out. There was an overwhelming number of five-star ratings (thank you, I’m very lovely) but — incredulously — there are 10 one-star ratings. TEN?! What and why the fuck have I copped 10 one-stars from drivers?

As someone who hasn’t even had a vom in an Uber in her life, here I am with not only 10 one-star ratings but 10 two-stars as well.

uber star rating privacy centre

Uber going full chaos mode lit up the work group chat here at P.TV, with everyone checking out their own stats and trying to piece together any time a one-star rating may have been handed out.

If you are also keen to be proud of yourself and/or find out just how much of a menace you’ve been in the back seat over the years, you can find your own rider ratings super easy.

Make sure you’ve got the most recent update of the Uber app, and then open the settings menu. From there, scroll down to “Privacy” and then hit the Privacy Centre section. Then scroll across until you see your “how you use Uber” summary and tap that. Scroll down to the data browsing section and hit “View my Ratings” to see your own Uber star rating breakdown.

And if you’ve never copped a one-star rating, I simply have to ask: how?