There’s not much worth celebrating in war. Even this recently-released footage of a successful U.S-lead airstrike on ISIS cash reserves comes with the knowledge those fat stacks may not have been the only casualties on the ground. 

Still, Islamic State’s war isn’t purely ideological. Their fighters in Syria and Iraq are human and require the same resources as everyone else: food, water, ammunition, money. That’s why strikes like this are so important to coalition forces; CNN’s Barbara Starr put it succinctly, saying that removing money from the equation makes it harder for Islamic State to, well, operate as a state.

Military heads estimate the amount of money shown in the footage tallies in the millions of U.S dollars. Targeting ISIS’ Iraqi stronghold Mosul, the airstrike itself is staggering, and countless destroyed bills can be seen wafting through the air in the aftermath. 

Again, the entire conflict is far removed from anything worth commemorating, but removing the ability for ISIS forces to act has to count for something.


Source: News Corp.
Photo: Youtube.