Kellogg’s has withdrawn its ads from one of the most demonstrably-gross American media organisations, spurring the Internet to cram veritable bowlfuls of deplorable gags into the names of regular ol’ cereals. 

The breakfast juggernaut withdrew its advertisements from Breitbart News after coming to the conclusion they didn’t feel comfortable hawking their grainy wares alongside blatantly sexist, anti-Semitic, quasi-white nationalist and conspiratorial articles.
At this point, we should add that Breitbart’s former head honcho Steve Bannon is now Donald Trump’s right hand man. Really.
In response to the move, Breitbart have claimed Kellogg’s has “declared hate” for millions of the site’s readers, and Alex Marlow, the site’s editor-in-chief, even said “if you serve Kellogg’s products to your family, you are serving up bigotry at your breakfast table.”

Another piece went on to claim the move is “economic censorship of mainstream conservative political discourse.” It sounds more like Breitbart is biting the (invisible) hand (of the market) that feeds, but hey. 

After all of that, Twitter denizens decided to rub salt in the site’s gaping financial wounds under the #BreitbartCereals hashtag:

Is this another one of the funny-but-ineffective tools Trump & Co.’s opponents have used over the past year? Probably. That being said, the fact it was spurred by an actual withdrawal of finances makes it a lil’ more fulfilling that a bowl of soggy breaky.
Source: CNNMoney / Breitbart / Twitter.
Photo: Ullstein Bild / Getty.