Popular Twitch streamer Alinity is copping some serious heat after allegations of animal abuse went viral on Twitter.

Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon is an official Twitch partner and has a massive 890,000 followers on the popular streaming platform.

The gamer caused a stir after footage of her appearing to throw her cat across her bedroom went viral, leading fans to as questions about the welfare of her pets.

Footage purportedly showing Alinity spitting vodka into her cat’s mouth and kicking her dog have also surfaced on Twitter since the original allegation. Pets are our friends, but that doesn’t mean they need to come for knock-off drinks with us. Please do not give your pets alcohol!

Animal rights activists and anyone who isn’t a fan of kicking puppies have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment and petition for Alinity to be removed from the platform.

However, the Canadian streamer expressed her regret in a three-part apology thread on Twitter:

Despite her apology and slightly inappropriate use of the “:P” emoji, the internet is still urging Twitch to take action and remove her channel. Even PETA have issued a statement requesting the removal of her channel from the streaming platform.

But it appears that her apology has fallen on deaf ears (or… blind eyes in this case), as the #banalinity party seems to be far from slowing down.

Alinity has since made posts indicating she is fearful for her safety, alleging that animal rights activists have visited her at her house. She took to Twitter to urge upset internet users to respect her privacy and safety.

Twitch is yet to make a statement regarding the future of Alinity’s channel, but users are demanding action.

Image: Instagram / @alinitydevine