Turnbull Labels Brighton Siege “Islamist Terrorism” As Police Investigate

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has spoken on last night’s deadly siege in Melbourne’s south east, saying “we face a growing threat from Islamist terrorism in Australia, in our region, and around the world.”

Turnbull says the incident, perpetrated by 29-year-old gunman Yacqub Khayre at serviced apartments in Brighton, “is a terrorist attack, and it underlines our need to be constantly vigilant”.

That statement comes after Victorian Police confirmed they were investigating Khayre’s claims the attack was “for” both Islamic State and al-Qaeda. 

An IS-affiliated news outlet also claimed the attack was directly linked to the organisation.

However, Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton says that while they were treating it as a terrorism incident, authorities are not yet claiming the event was ordered by a terror group.

“We know that Islamic State have jumped in and claimed responsibility, but we also know they do that at the drop of the hat,” Chief Commissioner Ashton says.
“That, of itself, doesn’t indicate anything that was planned.”
Chief Commissioner Ashton also questioned whether the attack had been planned, or if “it was just an ad hoc decision that he’s made just to go off tap like this.”
Khayre was shot and killed by police last night after an armed stand-off with authorities at the Bay Street premises. 
A man who’d sustained gunshot wounds was found dead in the foyer of the apartments.
A woman who Khayre had taken as a hostage was rescued by police. Police have confirmed Khayre met the woman via an escort agency.

Investigations into the incident are ongoing.

Source: ABC.
Photo: 9 News.