It Just Got Even More Stinkin’ Hot In Melb ‘Cos A Truck Has Spilled Animal Entrails On The M80


On this glorious 34-degree day in Melbourne, a truck full of animal entrails and abattoir waste has just spilled onto a freeway ramp in the western suburbs.

The truck transporting the slurry was involved in a minor collision with a car on Boundary Road in Laverton North, causing hundreds of kilos of offal to spill from the truck onto the road.

This happened because somebody thought it was a good idea to fill a truck, whose trailer does not have a ROOF, with entrails. Obviously when the truck was forced to break suddenly, the sludge surfed up and out onto the road to bake in the sun in this stinking heat.

“The offal has left the trailer and come up over the cab and landed on the front,” Chris Miller from the Department of Transport told 3AW.

Yep, like the fkn Springfield pool-mobile.

Can’t believe this happened less than a month after the salmon spill of ’21.

Hopefully La Niña is on her way to wash away these sins.

The left lane of the M80 Boundary Road exit ramp has been closed for clean-up operations, which the Department of Transport has warned “will take some time.”

City-bound drivers should expect delays, and maybe roll your windows up.