Tony Abbott Says Siege Gunman Had A Gun Licence, Press Say Otherwise

If true, this is completely jawdropping. If false, it’s one of the biggest political head-scratchers of the year.

There’s a lot of conjecture swirling this afternoon concerning a particular morsel of information that Prime Minister Tony Abbott happened to drop during a press conference in which he announced the immediate launch of a federal investigation into the events that lead to the tragic events during Monday’s siege in Martin Place.
Among others, Abbott happened to casually reveal that the lone gunman responsible for the heinous acts inside the Lindt Cafe was in possession of a legal gun licence, enabling him to obtain the shotgun used during the siege.
It’s a shocking claim that raises an infinite amount of questions about Australia’s already extremely strict gun control laws.
The only problem with that claim, however, is that the Australian media seems to be asserting that it simply ain’t true.

And it wouldn’t be Twitter without an appropriate level of snark.

But at the moment the issue seems to be one of total confusion.

For the record, and until this mess gets sorted out, here’s the Prime Minister’s statement from just a few short moments ago.

There are questions to be asked when someone with such a history of infatuation with extremism, violent crime and mental instability should be in possession of a gun licence.

In addition, the investigation will face a lot of tough questions – how he got permanent residency in Australia, why he was receiving welfare payments, why he was allowed out into the community on bail, and why he had fallen off the terror watch list back in 2009.
To be perfectly honest, we’ve no idea who to believe on this one. And until the NSW Police produce the records, or confirm they never existed in the first place, we’ll be in a state of utter confusion.
Either way, this one’s a real brow-furrower.
Photo: Daniel Munoz via Getty Images.

via SMH.