Reddit User Immortalises That Time Tony Abbott Broke With A Gorgeous Tattoo

Australia‘s recent political history doesn’t have a lot of ‘great’ moments in the traditional sense. The day we legislated marriage equality felt pretty good, but it was after a protracted and shitty battle that was just kind of unnecessary. Everything else that happens in Parliament House feels like a depressing malaise (mostly). The stuff that sticks with us isn’t times when people have been courageous or virtuous or whatever, it’s when people have been really, really weird.

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Of course, as we know, the greatest example of this is the infamous ‘You’re not saying anything, Tony‘ incident, when Tony Abbott froze up trying to explain comments he made to Australian soldiers while in Afghanistan:

What better way to commemorate this incredible piece of Australian history than by having it permanently etched into your skin, with an absolutely gorgeous tattoo, as one Australian Reddit user did today:

This incredible piece of work was done by Alex Yap at Jetty Road Tattoo in Glenelg, Adelaide, and was done (shockingly) as a bit of a super of the moment thing. “It was pretty much just something that always made me laugh, so I was walking past the tattoo shop and asked Alex if he wanted to do it he’s done a few others for me,” the tattoo’s proud new owner (who wished to remain anonymous) told P.TV. “He said yeah it was one of the better ideas he’d heard recently and we did it a couple of days later.

I cannot urge you strongly enough: if you are in Adelaide and you see someone out and about with this incredible piece of art — please, please buy them a drink.