A Sydney TikToker Has Exposed A Grimy-Ass ‘Horror’ Apartment & Who Rents This Out, A Bog Witch?

TikToker exposes Sydney Real Estate by making a video about "horror" apartment basement covered in black mould.

Every day Sydney real estate strays further from God, and this example of an apartment in the city’s west is no exception.

A TikToker who goes by @TheKenjiDiaries risked his life, literally, to expose a “horror” apartment building in Sydney that was covered in slimy black mould.

Scattered on the floor were “rank” puddles of water that could probably sprout life like a demonic primordial soup.

“This is a modern building,” he said while surveying the property a top a moudly, wet staircase.

“It’s fairly new.

“Already, you can see it’s quite questionable.”

If by questionable you mean the fungus on those surfaces looks sentient and like it could answer riddles, then yes.


The TikToker then proceeded to walk through the buildings’ basement, which he said looked like “some horror movie” and “smells disgusting”.

“How is this up to code, man?” he asked.

“How is this allowed in a bloody building like this?

“Who signed off on this?

“You’d think this is an industrial wasteland.”

That’s Sydney real estate for ya! Unless you’re a bog witch who lurks in dank, damp corridors and thrives on the souls of the damned, it’s just fkn unlivable.

In fact, a recent report revealed Aussie rentals get so cold and mouldy in winter they’re actually unsafe for human living. Key word being human, other demonic creatures are a go it seems.

More NSW rental tenants are also finding themselves evicted by landlords because their homes have become “uninhabitable”. Here’s an idea: make a fucking home habitable before you rent it out in the first place, you parasites!

TheKenjiDiaries left a comment on his horror apartment TikTok calling for governments to ensure all homes are actually safe and clean for tenants.

“I think government needs to intervene and make sure buildings abide by proper standards,” he wrote.

End the era of the investment properties all together, I say. Free and safe living for all.