Sydney Man Rescued From Storm Drain He Got Stuck In While Trying To Retrieve A Lost Thong

Storm drain thong retrieval.

The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism teach us that suffering is an intrinsic characteristic of existence, and that the root cause of that suffering is desire. Whether it be romantic desire, professional ambition, a need to find happiness, or any other number of wants, we will find suffering in the fact that these things will ultimately fail to satisfy our needs. In the case of one 42-year-old in Sydney’s north-west, these axioms could not have been laid out more clearly. His desire? Retrieving a lost thong from a storm drain. His suffering? Becoming trapped in that same storm drain.

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As 9News is reporting, police were called to Chester Road in the Sydney suburb of Epping last night due to concerns over the welfare of a man whose legs became lodged in a storm drain in the attempted retrieval of a lost thong. The man reportedly spent a few hours trapped until around 11pm, when Fire and Rescue NSW workers arrived at the scene and freed him using hydraulic tools. He was then taken to Royal North Shore Hospital with suspected hip injuries.

You can see coverage of this poor man’s harrowing, woeful tale below: