In all likelihood, you’ve searched for people with your own name on Facebook, just to get an idea of who else out there is part of your little club. You may have even thrown ’em a cheeky friend request for shits and giggles. 

Still, how many of you have become instant mates with your name-sharing buds? And how many of you have booked your newfound bros airline tickets on a whim, just so you can hang out? 

This Wild Aussie Facebook Meet-Up Yarn Is Straight-Up Internet Magic

We imagine that number is mighty slim. Perhaps none of you have gone that far – well, none except for Sam Mitchell, a Tassie-based bloke whose impromptu friendship with another Sam Mitchell is destined to become an internet legend.

In a post chucked on the Australian subreddit earlier this arvo, the second Sam told his unbelievable saga. In a whirlwind of screenshots – and then, yes, photos – Sam explains how his random Launceston m8 reached out for no other reason than a shared moniker. 

From there, the pair seemed to form an immediate and banteriffic bond, including photoshops and bulk quantities of name-related compliments. Friends of Sam 1 caught on, and one (probably half-jokingly) offered to chip in on a flight to take Melbourne-based Sam 2 down south.

Then, it fucking happened. Apparently, within four hours of that first fateful add, bona fide flights had been booked, just in time for Sam 2 to make the trek down for New Year’s Eve. In all honesty, you might just have to experience the rest of it through his eyes, here:

A Tale of Two Sam Mitchell’s

The games. The drinks. The mateship. THE PASH. Ladies and gentlemen, 2017 is still young, but we don’t reckon the internet will get any better than this over the next 12 months.

In a follow-up post, Sam 2 says the plan now is to institute a full-on Sam Mitchell meet-up, flying in Sam Mitchells from each and every nation on Earth to compete in a proper Sam Mitchell-lympics. They’ve gotten this far, so why the hell not, we reckon.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Sam for more info on this one, ’cause quite frankly, we’re ecstatic we’ve witnessed something so inarguably rad. Marvel at this one – and consider saying hey to that rando on Facebook with an identical moniker.

Source: /u/SamMitch94 / Reddit / Imgur.
Photo: Imgur.