This Aussie Legend Has Saved The Lives Of Over 11,000 Dogs

Hopefully by now you will be aware that we write about pop-culture here at; you may have read a story or fifty-eight about Kanye, MasterChef, Flume, Tina Fey and/or Amy Poehler. But we’ve done some research and we now know that you, our 
  readers, are also interested in hearing about regular humans. Yes, we’re painted as the ‘celebrity obsessed’ generation, but research shows we most strongly identify with ~chill~, everyday Aussies doing excellent things. As such, we could not be more psyched to be working with our mates at CommBank, documenting the incredible stories of said legends as part of the ‘Australian of the Day’ series; which is no more or less than exactly what it sounds like – a daily celebration of your fellow ‘Strayans. 
All of us here right here/right now can definitely agree that dogs are the best kind of people. They have brought humanity such memorable moments as: 


But it’s not just the chic, well-groomed puppies already in a loving home that need our <3. And this is where Australian of the Day #30 Monika Biernacki of Ingleside, NSW, comes in. 

Monika started with taking in a few dogs, just bringing them back to her place, and then it escalated. She has since established Monika’s Doggie Rescue to house all manner of four-legged qts for as long as it takes to find them a home.

“You really feel a sense of achievement when you find out a dog that was considered worthless has now become such a valued family member.”

To keep it all running and so she can fund the vet care needed for the dawgs, she’s set up Cottage Animal Hospital vet with a friend, because “It’s all about giving them a go.” And, the video above, is all about making you happy tears of puppy-induced joy.

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