This Adelaide Bar Crawl Will Get You Lubricated While You See What The City Has To Offer

Adelaide bar crawl

Is it even legal to go on vacation and not do at least one bar crawl while you’re there? I’ve been living my entire adult life assuming I’d be arrested if I didn’t.

There’s no easier place to bounce from bar to bar than Adelaide – the city isn’t nearly as spread out as some of its larger Aussie counterparts – so next time you’re there to sightsee, sesh and stroll, we’ve sussed out five must-visit bars all within a mere mosey of one another.

From start to finish, it’s a 46-minute walk, which isn’t bad for five stops. That’s less than a 10-min walk between bars which is more than manageable.

Important note: For those concerned about the state of the borders, South Australia has committed to The Adelaide Guarantee – if things go pearshaped, you’re promised a moneyback guarantee.

Of course, there’s plenty of non-alcohol related shenanigans to be had in Adelaide which we’ve covered elsewhere, but let’s just get the crawl sorted. Priorities, you know?

The Handlebar Adelaide

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What’s this? A sixth mystery bar I hadn’t mentioned earlier?

There is quite honestly no way I could put together a bar crawl without mentioning The Handlebar Adelaide – it’s a bloody bar on wheels. It drives you around Adelaide while you drink. Again, you sit at a bar while being driven around. I don’t think anyone comprehends how important to Australian culture this is.

So, what better place to start than a bar that can literally take you to the next bar.

Speaking of…

Sparkke at the Whitmore

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….if you look closely, you might see that the bar in the background of the first picture is indeed Sparkke at the Whitmore.

After being dropped off by your first bar (I’m never going to stop talking about this), settle in at Sparkke for a few more bevs and be sure to chow down on the insane menu Sparkke has up its sleeve.

Australia’s first female-founded brewpub is the perfect proper kickstart to the crawl, as you can load up on food and drink while sitting on the rooftop and taking it all in.

You’re in Adelaide, you’ll need a moment for that to register.

Rocket Bar & Rooftop

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Take a good look at the photo above, because it’s the only time you’ll ever see it without people scattered all over the place – the lines can be ‘uge.

And while it’s also a good place to end the night (feel free to mix up the order), it’s always wise to get in relatively early so you can dibs a spot smack-bang next to the DJ. That way, you can bug them all night with repeated requests to play WAP until they get security to have you removed.

You’ve got to think about the long game here though, so perhaps don’t get yourself kicked out for harassing the DJ.

Pink Moon Saloon

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This looks like the inspiration for the opening scene of Up, where you see two huge complexes being built either side of the elderly gentleman’s forever home.

Except in this case, the owners have clearly spotted the perfect place to set up a cocktail bar and have squeezed it on in, and it looks damn adorable.

Check out their website and you’ll see what’s hidden inside – a fully decked out bar that seemingly extends forever out to a beer garden.

Heaven is a place on earth between two fuggo buildings, apparently.


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The views from 2KW are truly grand but I feel it’s my duty to come clean here: I might have got the order mixed up.

If you’re already quite loosey goosey, you might be better off hitting up 2KW a bit earlier into the crawl. It’s just a wee bit fancier, so I don’t want you rocking up expecting an unhinged time while everyone’s civil and not as gross as you.

So, come here earlier on in the night, enjoy the views, down a champers or two, and then go from there.


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The smartest move you can ever make during a pub crawl is to cram as much food into your gob at the end of it to prevent a comatose state the next morning.

Mosey on down to the New Orleans-inspired NOLA for a final pint or two while you heave Mac & Cheese into your mouth.

Trust me on this one. If there’s any chance of you getting up relatively early to see more of Adelaide the next day, you’re going to want a late-night feed.