The QLD Govt Is Finally Letting Mark Kilian Visit His Dying Dad And It’s About Fucking Time

mark kilian dying father

The Queensland Government has *finally* shown some human decency and allowed Mark Kilian an exemption to see visit his dying father in hospital. Honestly, the fact that it took so long to get here is ridiculous.

The Queensland Government, after much public outrage, has granted a health exemption to a couple stranded in Sydney hotel quarantine, after they were denied an exemption several times.

Mark Kilian and Anneli Gericke, a couple from LA, have been trying desperately to visit Mark’s dying father in Queensland, and applied for a travel exemption to be released from mandatory 14 day isolation because they were worried his father may not remain alive for the duration of their quarantine.

On Wednesday morning, Qld Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk deflected responsibility for the couple’s situation, saying the onus was on NSW to decide whether or not the couple can cross the border, which made no sense to anyone since they’re trying to get into Queensland specifically.

“This is a matter for the NSW government,” she said.

“If they want to break the 14-day mandatory quarantine for this couple, and if they can provide [Chief Health Officer Dr [Jeannette] Young with how they will safely be transferred from Sydney to the Gold Coast, we will do everything we can to facilitate the reunion with his father at the earliest convenience.”

Meanwhile, in a separate conference on Wednesday, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian disagreed. (Insert side-eye emoji here).

“That was already made clear that we did everything we could to facilitate [the exemption],” she told the press during questioning.

So what is the truth???

It seems Palaszczuk has changed her mind on her much this is Queensland’s responsibility, because Queensland Health has since issued a statement saying that Mark Kilian and his partner are now going to be issues an exemption, and since they’ve been vaccinated successfully, they will be allowed to see Mark’s father.

“We have issued an exemption to Mark Kilian and his partner, subject to NSW finalising arrangement of safe transfer of the couple to Queensland,” a Queensland Health statement tonight read.

“All quarantine exemption requests are considered on a case-by-case basis, in line with current national guidelines.

“It has been a nationally agreed position that all international arrivals must complete 14 days of quarantine in their port of arrival.”

Mark’s father was recently placed in hospital because his pancreatic cancer significantly worsened. Hopefully the family is reunited soon and get some quality time together.