The Coalition For Marriage Is Trying To Air A 3-Minute ‘No’ Campaign TV Ad

The ‘No‘ campaign is stepping up their highly bankrolled efforts to push their hateful and factually shaky (to put it lightly) lines of conversation regarding the still on-going marriage equality TV ad, with the Coalition For Marriage unveiling plans to more or less take over entire blocks of TV advertising.

The group quite significantly managed to get short TV spots to air both after the AFL Grand Final, and immediately following Macklemore‘s performance of ‘Same Love‘ at the NRL Grand Final, with both ads attracting resounding boos from pubs across the country.

That, as it turns out, was just the tip of the iceberg.

The short spots are being run as a kind-of fundraiser for the group, who are hoping to raise $400,000 in order to air a full-length, three-minute version of the ad.

Three minutes.

A three minute television commercial.

One hundred and eighty seconds.

The ad, drearily entitled “So there’s no consequences?” features a litany of speakers including a professor at a privately funded Canadian Christian University, a “Professor of Christian Thought” who previously railed extensively against a proposed Canadian law that would’ve made violence against LGBTQI people considered as potential hate crimes, a member of a group called the Cardus Family whose aim is to “renew North American social architecture,” and – perhaps most damning of all – a “Canadian Dad.”

The ad’s entire premise – all three minutes of the fucking thing – centres around the clearly proven and widely known fact that ever since Canada adopted marriage equality, the sky has literally caved in and children in schools across the nation are now forced to literally celebrate homosexuality while actively repressing any hetero-based urges.

It is, not to put too fine a point on it, a baseless and fundamentally fucked line of thought that serves to do little else other than actively target, harm, and demonise LGBTQI people while simultaneously exposing everyone behind and involved with the ad as feckless nerds.

We’re not going to link to it here; if you so wish, it exists online and isn’t hard to track down.

Instead, here’s a much better TV advertisement. And this one takes 1/6th of the time.

Three minutes, seriously. If you need three minutes to get your point across, then chances are it’s not a very good point.

But yeah nah, let’s hear again about how No voters are sick of having things shoved down their throats.