Tools are well and truly down but the drama surrounding The Block continues, thanks to Gold Coast contestant Suzi Taylor, who can’t stop and won’t stop making headlines.

You may recall the time she collapsed on set, and had to be rushed to hospital, or the other time that Nine put a burn notice on her, worrying that her general loose unit-ness might give the network a bad name.

Now she’s gone and confirmed that she *did* indeed have a relationship with Aussie entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins, which we’d normally would ignore but unfortunately can’t because she’s rammed down our throats by detailing gross deets about their hook-up.

Speaking to the Courier Mail, the 37-year-old said she and Wilko “first connected” at a telethon in Queensland, after which they’d meet up for sexy times at his Sydney home on the reg.

“He gave me access to his house and I would be there in my underwear waiting for him when he got home from work.”

‘The Block’ Star Suzi Taylor Goes Full TMI On Fling With Richard Wilkins

Other choice lines: “Dickie really rang my bells.”

The fling only lasted a couple of months, up until Suzi was admitted to rehab after collapsing on the Block set.

“He called me on the phone and said it had to stop,” she says. “That really hurt me.”

With all that off her chest, we expect she’s 50kg lighter.

Source: Courier Mail.