Last year, Nine put a burn notice on The Block‘s Suzi Taylor, worrying that her loose antics and general lack-of-fucks given might hurt the show’s family-friendly image in the lead-up to the finale.

The burn notice is apparently still in force, as Taylor didn’t score an invitation to last week’s Logies, leaving her bosom buddy and former teammate Yvonne Cosier to walk the red carpet solo.


The AAP clocked this fact and later spoke to Cosier, who revealed that she and Suzi, once the bestest of friends, haven’t actually spoken since last November, when the most recent season wrapped up. 

Annoyingly, Vonni didn’t reveal too many details, saying only: 

“No I haven’t (spoken to her). There are lengths and distances between us but at the end of the day without the two of us combined, we would not have been on the show. It was experience I will never experience again …We will remain part of the industry together and cross paths, I’m sure we [will].”  

The pair made a combined $349,000 profit after selling their renovated apartment for $1.829 million. Vonni has put some of the money away for her daughter in a trust, and is also working on her own line of activewear, because of course she is.

Suzi was last seen sharing way too much information about her fling with Richard Wilkins

We’ll always remember the good times:

Source: Daily Telegraph.

Image: Nine.