That Ridic 5K ‘Wipeout’ Race Is Coming Back To Take Yr Summer From 0 To 100

Real talk: Most 5k “fun runs” are the absolute antithesis of fun. Even the ones that try to spruce things up with fancy gimmicks like mud and barbed wire or plumes of coloured powder, because what’s more fun than imitation basic army training or getting pink dust in your butt, right?
And then last summer some absolute genius figured out that if you take the concept of a 5k (the literally moving your body a physical distance of five kilometres in as little time as possible) and hide it beneath the guise of slip n’ slides and giant inflatable bouncy things and fuck-off huge balls and paddles and pools and stuff, then it goes from being an arduous chore to the sickest summer ever.
The ROC Race (Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge) took all the whacky ridiculousness of that one dope-ass TV show ‘Wipeout‘ and… well, actually that’s about it. It’s more or less the Wipeout course completely transplanted over here to Australia (toned down a little bit to reduce the risk of injury because we don’t live in the public liability-free paradise of Argentina).
Don’t believe us? Cop this of what you missed out on when it rumbled through town last year.

But fear not the FOMO of last summer. The race has officially announced it will be back touring the nation once again for summer 2017.
The race is planning on getting heavily involved with Queensland, stopping at the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast, before moving on to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth.
No dates are available just yet, but they have today thrown open the doors to their “VIP” registration list, which’ll get you priority access to tickets and dates once they drop “very soon.”
If that sounds like your bag (and it should, because it looks mad) you can get involved with that, and all the vital details of the race, via their website.

Source: ROC Race.