JB Hi-Fi Has Been Forced To Remove Taylor Swift Merch From Shelves Due To Mass Theft

Electronic goods chain JB Hi-Fi has been forced to make the unusual move of taking all stock related to Taylor Swift off its shelves, due to a crime wave that has seen desperate Swifties try and take off with stolen goods.

Though she left our humble island weeks ago, the cultural impacts of Taylor Swift are still causing chaos across Australia. One of those effects seemingly being that some fans of the artist have gone to the length of theft to secure some merch for the artist they love.

And as a result of the apparent crime wave, JB Hi-Fi has responded by cracking down on the thrifty-Swifties by removing the stock from shelves entirely.

As reported by the Daily Mail, JB Hi-Fi has resorted to leaving the shelves empty, and filling the blank spaces with purple pieces of paper that advise anyone seeking a Tay Tay CD, vinyl, or other item to go to the counter.

“Taylor Swift CDs are kept behind the counter. Temporary. Please ask a member of staff for assistance,” the signs read at Pitt St Mall’s branch of the store.

Despite the general belief that it is fans of the Eras Tour performer who are presumably behind the mass theft of specific merch, Swifties have defended themselves.

“It’s unfair that Swifties are being blamed for this,” said Sydney-based Swiftie Alison (25) to the Daily Mail

Alison pointed the blame at people trying to capitalise off of Swift’s current popularity who would try and resell the merchandise for a profit.

“Don’t blame me and my fellow Swifties for the actions of few people who probably don’t even like her music,” she said.

“JB Hi-Fi need to calm down and put the CDs back on the shelf where they belong. Otherwise, long story short, we won’t tolerate it.”

Despite her threat being made via the Daily Mail, Alison does have a valid point. The fervour that Swifties have that could *hypothetically* lead them to stealing albums is (ironically) what makes them such vital consumers.

Everyone wants a piece of the Taylor pie right now. Look at the massive boost her presence has given the NFL worldwide. The market power of Taylor Swift’s fans is an unstoppable force of profitability — but only if you are on her side.

Those she hasn’t aligned with fear her market power, particularly in the political sphere. That’s why there were conspiracy theories running rampant on conservative American outlets before this year’s Super Bowl that Swift was a government psy-op set up to endorse Joe Biden for President.


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It’s no stretc to say that Swifties boycotting any store in any country would be bound to have bad effects on that business.

But would the loss of profit from of a boycott outweigh the losses from a wave of mass theft at JB Hi-Fi?

Only time will tell.