Tallulah Morton the New Cory Kennedy?

If you’ve been on the Cobra Snake of late you will have noticed Australia’s .jpeg invasion, everyone from Andy and Vin juggernaut to the frequent crew made up by Tsubi’s Ksubi’s Dan Single and his usual entourage appear. But most notably the prominence of Pedestrian’s model pals; Tallulah Morton and her fellow Aussie homegirl Steph Carta AKA the one who got touted as too anorexic for Australan fashion week, has taken us by surprise.

Tallulah seems to have slotted herself into Cory Kennedy’s shoes during her recent Paris living spree, as she’s been pictured riding bikes, eating, catching the bus, jumping, partying and doing all the things normal human beings do.

Is there jealousy in camp Cobra?/Do you wish you were in Paris with MarktheCobrasnake?