Tallulah Morton In Lily Allen’s Fashion Campaign

Monday was Labor Day in the United States, and an American friend told me the story of how for ages he thought Labor Day was a holiday that honoured children by referencing the process through which they enter the world – as opposed to being about the nation’s first integrated major trade union. That conversation reminded me of a strange dream I recently had where I was standing in the O.R. when Lily Allen was giving birth by cesarean section, and the baby that was removed was me (except a perfectly proportioned baby-sized version) and if I was a man my nutsack would have shriveled up like a dried shittake mushroom.

Speaking of Lily Allen, she and sister Sarah Owen are on the verge of opening their fashion rental boutique ‘Lucy In Disguise’ which offers high-end, designer vintage clothing to rent at an affordable pricepoint to “make looking a million dollars for that special night out an affordable luxury”. The retail venture was originally touted as an online concept, although at this stage the Lucy In Disguise website doesn’t give any purchase details. It does, however, have a short film featuring Australian model Tallulah Morton – who apparently has not retired from modeling to pursue a degree in Fine Arts.

Watch it here: Lucy In Disguise “The Getting Ready”

Lily Sarah were at Selfridges in London for the launch of their Lucy in Disguise pop up store earlier this week. In the footage below she talks about her affinity for vintage fashion, the store and the clothes.

Title Image by Anthony Harvey via Getty