Folks Are Sharing Wild Pics From When Sydney’s Weather Had An Absolute Moment Today

Sydney Weather

Folks, I’ve got bad news. Summer’s cancelled. Grab your swimsuits, pick up your sunnies and throw in the beach towel because Mother Nature just isn’t letting us play outside today.

This day turned into what might just be the gloomiest afternoon since literally any afternoon that occurred during lockdown.

One hundred millimetres of sky sprinkles are expected to fall throughout the day which is absolutely the furthest possible thing from a vibe I can imagine.

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The worst part is that deep down, we all knew this was gonna happen.

Last week, PEDESTRIAN.TV reported that our prime minister had been briefed on potential stormy sitches this summer and didn’t think to give us the heads-up. Cheers, bucko!

We also covered the announcement that a La Niña weather system would be hitting our shores.

La Niña is Spanish for “what the actual fk – I was meant to have a picnic today” and has flow on effects beyond just missing out on wine and cheese in the sun.

Today we learned that La Niña is bringing a mosquito plague to the land down under to which my only response is “yuck yuck yuck no no no nooo ew”.

The storms are conjuring up visuals reminiscent of that Dementor scene in Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban (you know the one) as Sydney’s windows become cloaked in thicc af droplets of H20.

Compare the pair below and you’ll get what I mean.

Australia’s chief weather nerds at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology just tweeted this next visual that has wayyy too many red dots for my liking.

For the record, any red dots are too many red dots, so we’ve got a situation on our hands here.

There’s also been widespread reports of hail which is always the sign of a good summer to come, right??

And to make a bad day even worse, this poor person forgot to take their washing in before the skies opened up. Truly heartbreaking stuff.

To any PEDESTRIAN.TV readers braving the not-so-fab weather today – stay safe and bring an umbrella or three.