Sydney‘s gonna cop a drenching today, folks, so prep your brollies for a real beating. There’s a chance that up to 70 millimetres of rain could fall, which is more than half of the average for March.

Most of the deluge is set to hit this afternoon and evening, complete with thunderstorms for added audio and visual effects. Nice!

In other words, your commute is probably gonna be a nightmare.

According to the reports, we’ll probably see some brief outbursts of heavy rain which will continue throughout the night. If you’re lucky, the rain could hold off for a little bit this afternoon and pick up again when thunderstorms start up later in the evening, so you might get home dry, who knows?

The chances of 70 millimetres falling are sitting at about 25 per cent, while a lower 25 millimetres is set for 50 per cent. The monthly average rainfall for March is 130.8 millimetres, with the record for highest rainfall is a whopping 521.4 millimetres, which was recorded in 1942. A bit bloody wet, I think you’d agree.

Parts of Sydney copped 50 millimetres of rainfall yesterday, mostly around the far northern beaches.

You can probably expect some solid wetness to continue into Friday, as well, but things should start to dry out over the weekend. You beauty.

In summary, mates, there’s a bit of water about. Stay safe on the roads.

Image: The Shawshank Redemption