Sydney’s Hottest New Pop-Up Bar Is A Beer Truck Wedged Under The M4

*extremely Seth Meyers voice*

It’s winter time here in Sydney which means thousands of people will start heading up to Australia’s slopes for the ski season. Here with some tips on where you and your family should go is our city correspondent Stefon.
Stefon, a lot of families are gearing up to hit the slopes in New South Wales this ski season. Are they any places you can recommend?
Yesyesyes. If you’re looking for fresh powder with your family, I have just the place for you. Sydney’s hottest new club is ‘TRUCK.’ Located in an up-turned B-Double wedged under the M4, this active crime scene is the answer to the question ‘do I gotta?’

This place has everything: broken glass, a shopping trolley, an old man in a blue shirt who has *no* idea how to get home…”

*shakes head violently*

Look, we joke and have fun here but an incident with a beer truck in Sydney this afternoon is seriously something straight out of a ‘Weekend Update‘ sketch.
NSW Police responded to a B-Double towing a payload of precious, precious beer that became wedged under an M4 overpass on Arthur Street in Granville at around 10am this morning.
Those who responded to the incident were forced to (the horror) unload cartons of beer from the truck’s trailer, after the cab – not the trailer, mind you – became hopelessly and totally stuck under the road.
Vision from the scene shows that the truck has apparently made it successfully under two other overpasses, but came an absolute cropper on number three for whatever reason.
Traffic is still flowing on the road above, but the Arthur Street area has been shut down while cops assess any potential damage. No one was injured in the incident, and the driver has already spoken with police. But officials at the scene expect the truck to remain fairly fucken stuck for at least a few more hours.
Crucially, and perhaps most importantly, no major loss of beer is being reported as a result of the incident.
And that, I think we can all agree, is an enormous bloody sigh of relief.

Source: ABC News.
Photo: NSW Police Force/Facebook.