If you’ve ever looked at your dog doing something inane and thought “wow, my sweet baby angel absolutely has THAT star quality” then hell yes you can make your precious floofington a real-life scene-stealer with Opera Australia‘s production of La Bohème in Sydney.

If you’re a total opera novice like me and thinking “Wait, what dog in La Bohème? Why is there a dog? What’s going on?” well apparently it’s to ~set the scene~ and opera director Andy Morton wants to briefly use a very talented and well-behaved puppo to establish the setting of the performance.


So for every performance of the 26-night run of the show, a pooch is going to his or her time in the spotlight to help the audience feel like they’re REALLY in 1960’s Paris.

Of course, because it’s a Parisian opera, they’re looking for small to medium-sized dogs, and are definitely favouring poodles, poodle-crosses, and french bulldogs, and they’ve gotta be very well-behaved and trained because the stage is a bloody pontoon on Sydney Harbour.

Because the show is in the middle of Circular Quay, the ideal performer will be okay with fireworks, lots of people, bright lights, and loud noises (because they’re 100% going to get a standing ovation, of course.)


To put your pup’s best foot forward, head over HERE to register and your four-legged legend could become the Next Big Thing.

Image: Supplied