A Landlord Put A Literal Garage With A Mattress Up For Rent In Sydney For $250 A Week

As yet another example of Sydney property owners trying to literally whatever they can to make money off of a human necessity, someone in the city’s Dulwich Hill tried to rent out their literal garage for $250 a week. Does it come with a bin? Cos they can get in it.

The owner posted the offer up to a Facebook group this week with two photos of the space that could barely fit a double bed, and you almost gotta give them credit them for trying.

“Looking for person to rent out the garage for $250 per week. Four weeks bond plus bills. Available to move in as soon as possible,” stated the listing.

The post was deleted after getting dragged online for the ambitious attempt, but not before memes could be made about it by the iconic IG page @newtown.affirmations, who also collected screenshots of the post.

“Must have employment and be able to direct debit rent weekly or fortnightly,” requested the garage’s owner on Facebook.

As much as it doesn’t have going for it, at least it doesn’t have a bonk-ban like this Brisbane landlord’s listing.

This offer, and the idea that anyone would/could/should live in the space for that price is so audacious that it’s hard to take seriously.

So I won’t.

Instead, I will describe the (frankly, laughable) listing with the most irritating satirical voice known to humanity.

That’s right, I’m roleplaying as *shudders* a real estate agent.

(Just imagine me wearing a race-day suit I got from Tarocash’s sale bin that’s way too tight and way too bright, okay cheers.)

Looking for somewhere cosy to stay for dirt cheap in one of the most expensive cities in the world? Well lucky renter, drop your standards to OceanGate Titanic submersible levels, and you’re in luck!

This cosy one bedroom suite has room for everything you need, and not a millimetre more.

Tired of living in your car? Well thanks to the creative use of space from the owners, you now have the opportunity to live LIKE your car!

Take time to relax by yourself with this room’s built-in open-door plan. Not a fan? Just press the button on the roller-garage and suddenly it’s a closed-door plan!

What incredible range for such sub-par value!

Still not tempted? Well, sign a lease now and we’ll drop rent down to the competitive price of … oh nope, that’s just average price.

Damn that’s depressing.

As much as it pains me to say it, maybe I’m just not cut out to be a real estate agent. How will I ever recover?

Regardless of if the listing was made through delusion, or shamelessness, it is a sad reflection of the state of Australia’s rental market.

[Image credit: Facebook.]