SYDNEY: Kissing-Kanye’s Scott Marsh Is Chucking Y’all An Art Scavenger Hunt

Hypothetical: your colossal mural of a pop-culture god has captured the world’s attention, to the point where the icon in question may or may not have thrown $100k your way just to take it down. What do you do next?

If your answer is ‘sweet FA’, you’re obviously not Scott Marsh. Just a few weeks after the drama around his Kanyeloveskanye mural died down (and following a cheeky yet brutal Mike Baird takedown in the same vein), the Sydney-based graf king has just announced two new exhibitions. 

One is kinda straight-forward. Along with some other heavy hitters in the Aussie street art scene, Marsh is stumping up a handful of works for this weekend’s Urban Art Parked! exhibition. If you’re down to peek at his depictions of florals, hike on down to Wilson’s Parking at 22 Ward Street, North Sydney, on Saturday or Sunday. 

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, and if you like your public art a little more… well, public, the bloke is also running a solo gig of his own. Starting tomorrow, Marsh will be affixing his work on various trains around Sydney, and he’ll be beaming out timetable deets via his Insta + Facey accounts.

Read: free art scavenger hunt and YOU’RE ALL BLOODY INVITED.

??Free Artworks?? **Tomorrow North shore line (Milsons point ??Hornsby)** Beginning tomorrow Ill be giving away one artwork a day via a treasure hunt until Wednesday 22/6. Artworks will be affixed to Sydney trains, timetables to the trains holding the artworks will be posted via my social media & mailing list and you are all invited to hunt down the train and claim the work (first in best dressed basis). Each day will see an artwork on a different Sydney trainline???? culminating with my Exhibition ‘Australian Graffiti’ on Wednesday 22/6. Ive been working like a mad man the past months preparing everything for this show, I cant wait to show everyone!! #australiangraffiti #scottmarsh #sydneytrains ?? @billyzammit

A photo posted by Scott Marsh (@scottie.marsh) on

A photo posted by Scott Marsh (@scottie.marsh) on

If you see one, grab it. It’s yours. Congrats, mate. One work a day will be doled out, ’til Wednesday rolls around. 

That particular bout of artistic mischief will culminate in his own aptly-titled Australian Graffiti exhibition, on Wednesday 22 June. 

All we can say is get a-bloody-mongst it, snag yourself some work from a super-talented dude, and explore the wonders of Sydney’s metro system in the process. 

Source: Scott Marsh.
Photo: Scott Marsh / Instagram.