12 Y.O. Sydney Kid Takes Solo Bali Getaway After Pinching Mum’s Credit Card

If you happen to be twelve years old and reading this right now, we have a few tips for you:

  1. Don’t get in a fight with your mum, steal her credit card, and book a trip to Bali,
  2. Don’t actually bloody follow through on your plan,
  3. If you ignore the previous two points, make sure not to tell anyone – and remember to pack your scooter.

(Also, you’re probably too young to be on this particular page. Go subscribe to Pez instead.)

We feel comfortable sharing this advice after the discovery of a Sydney pre-teen identified as Drew, who legitimately pilfered his mum’s credit card, conned his nan into palming over his passport, and organised a secret week-long holiday to Indonesia. 

A Current Affair reports the young traveller used his mum’s card to book cheap flights across to Perth, and then on to Denpasar airport. He also booked accomodation at All Seasons Hotel.

When the big day came, young mate told his parents he was heading to school, but scooted to the train station and left for the airport instead. Drew reportedly used the self-checkin terminal to avoid dealing with airport staff, and was only asked for student I.D. and his passport upon arrival in Perth.

Then he boarded the international flight, and filmed a video of the clouds once in the air. His guardians were unaware of the entire ruse.

And Drew actually made it there. ACA reports Drew told hotel reception he was waiting for his sister to arrive and asked to check in early. Meanwhile, Drew’s school informed mum Emma that he never rocked up, leading her to piece together the scenario.

“There’s no emotion to feel what we felt when we found out that he’d left overseas,” she told the programme.

Emma successfully travelled to Bali to retrieve Drew, and ACA promises to outline more of the details on tonight’s show. But we already know Drew’s take on the ordeal, as he said “it was great because I wanted to go on an adventure.”

Truly impressive levels of scoundrelry here, tbh. We’ve actually just thought of one more tip, too: if you’re going to recreate his plan, shoot for somewhere further than Bali. Really make a fucking trip of it, you know?