This Syd Cafe Is Giving Away Prepaid Coffees To Locals Doing It Tough During The Shutdown

Blessed are the bean brewers. The sacred bringers of the hot buzzy drink we love to slurp. Especially those from a Sydney cafe who have racked up a whole heap of prepaid coffees from its regulars, because they wanna give away free coffee to locals who work on the medical frontline, or have lost jobs or homes due to the national shutdown.

Saint Marks in Randwick has been collecting prepaid coffees from its regulars, who are chucking on an extra coff on top of their daily bean, and have tallied up an incredible number of brews for locals who are doing it a bit tough at the moment.

Think nurses, doctors, ambos, receptionists, pathology units, cleaners, GPs, and everyone that keeps the medical world turning while we all try and flatten the curve at home. People who also, absolutely, 1000% deserve a free hot coffee to keep them caffeinated and sharp-minded while on the job.

I’m pretty sure we all know someone who’s out there every day, working in essential services to make sure people are getting the care and support they need, so this is just a really damn precious way the locals can pay it forward in a very hands-off kinda way.

We’re also super well aware that millions of Aussies have lost a lot in a short couple of weeks, so this is something to warm the heart (and your guts) if you’re having a bit of a hard time at the moment.

Apparently there were over 150 coffees chalked up by people nipping into the cafe for their daily bean, and at the time of writing that 150 is the number yet to be claimed.

So if you’re in the Randwick area and you’re having a bit of a rough trot or you’re between shifts at a Sydney hospital, pop over to the cafe with all the roses painted on the front for your free coffee. And if you’re not, think about throwing in some extra cash on top of your morning brew to shout someone else their AM kicker.

Also, I’m more than sure that other cafes around Australia are doing the same thing, so absolutely hit me up on so we can shout them out somehow.

Cheers to that.