A woman has proposed the idea of building a wall around the Eastern Suburbs so they can “go out and be free” and read the bloody room, sis. Where do you think this outbreak originally started?

Earlier this month, TikToker Carla Efstratiou posted a video claiming that someone should “erect a wall” from Anzac Parade so people in the Eastern Suburbs can live their lives not locked down.

“My idea is to erect a wall from here to here, basically Anzac Parade, and everyone east of Anzac Parade can all go out and have the same freedoms as we all had before because all of the cases are west of Anzac Parade,” she said in the video published on the 12th of August.

“So why are we being punished when we have no cases and we’re doing the right thing?”


No covid in the east. My idea is to build a wall and everyone east of Anzac Pde is allowed to go out and be free #covid #fyp #sydneylockdown

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Last Thursday night, a group of 11 people attended an illegal beachside party in Maroubra. All 11 of them have since tested positive.

In response, Guy Sebastian, who lives in the area, said that after the 11 new cases, the suburb should have a lockdown curfew similar to the ones NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced for the Western Sydney region and other 11 LGAs yesterday.

“I live in the Maroubra area. If people were inconsiderate enough to have a party that resulted in 11 positive cases then I’ll cop the consequences for their actions.

“If people out West have curfews then we shouldn’t be any different. Our community do[es] not think we are above anyone.”

Earlier this month, a man from Bondi, who reportedly doesn’t “believe” in COVID, breached stay-at-home orders and travelled to Byron Bay with his kids, all while his wife was hospitalised with the virus. He tested positive and caused the Byron Bay area to go into lockdown. Another person from the Eastern Suburbs reportedly breached lockdown restrictions and travelled to Canberra without an exemption.

It’s also worth mentioning that the current outbreak originally came from the Eastern Suburbs. On the 16th of June, a limousine driver tested positive. The next day, an elderly couple in the Eastern Suburbs visited several venues while infectious.

The Delta strain of COVID-19 then quickly spread into the Bondi Westfield shopping centre and made its way outside of the Eastern Suburbs and into more marginalised areas. Areas like Fairfield and Blacktown, where there are disproportionately more essential workers and low-income, culturally and linguistically diverse, larger households. In the last few months, this pandemic and the State Government’s response have shed a light on the city’s classism and the need for COVID test payments.

It may have evolved beyond its original origins but let’s not forget NSW Health has called it the Bondi cluster, not the Western Sydney one, when reporting. The idea of building a wall to separate the Eastern Suburbs from the rest of the Greater Sydney area, when not only the outbreak started there but when there are still people doing the wrong thing in the very area that people want to “protect”, reeks of entitlement. Read the room, sis, because this ain’t it.