Here’s How Every State Is Handling The Sydney COVID Outbreak & What It Means For Yr Travels

covid restrictions sydney

In news that is not very festive and fun this close to Christmas, the COVID cluster in Sydney’s Northern Beaches has sparked a number of new border restrictions that will likely ruin a lot of holiday plans.

The situation is changing as we speak, and there will almost definitely be further restrictions announced after NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian speaks at 11am. But if, like me, you’ve just rolled out of bed on this fine Friday morning and you’re wondering what the absolute fuck is happening, let me spell it out for you.


Victoria is urging anyone who has been in the Northern Beaches to get tested ASAP.

Anyone who arrives after 12.01am on Friday will have to get tested and quarantine if they’ve been in the Northern Beaches. Thankfully, you can do this at home and aren’t required to fork out for hotel quarantine.

“They should stay at home until results are available and especially avoid visiting aged care facilities and hospitals. Further guidance will be issued as information becomes available,” the Victorian DHHS said in a statement.

South Australia:

No announcements yet.


Anyone who has visited the Northern Beaches since December 11 is required to quarantine for 14 days after the date they left the area. This includes anyone who is already in Queensland, or travellers entering the state from today.

If you’ve already arrived in Queensland, or you’re travelling today, you can quarantine at home. But from 1am on Saturday, any incoming travellers will be required to hotel quarantine at their own expense.

At this stage, the rules only apply if you’ve been in the Northern Beaches area, but obviously, that could change as further announcements are made.


No announcements yet.


Tasmania, our harsh queen, has straight-up banned anyone who’s been in the Northern Beaches from entering the state. They simply don’t want ya.

No quarantine, nothing, just stay out, basically.

If you’re already there and have been in the Northern Beaches since December 11, you must call the Public Health Hotline immediately to disclose where you’ve been and organise to be tested. Their phone number is 1800 671 738.

Western Australia:

Unlike the other states, Western Australia has already ordered a mandatory quarantine for anyone coming from NSW at all, regardless of whether or not you actually visited the Northern Beaches.

Anyone travelling from December 11 will have to quarantine for two weeks.

“I understand these changes will cause frustration and uncertainty for some people, and be very upsetting for many families looking to reunite and spend Christmas together,” Premier Mark McGowan said.

“This has been a difficult decision to make, but we need to follow the health advice and do what is in the best interest of all Western Australians.”

Northern Territory:

C U in the NT? More like C U in quarantine if you’ve been in the Northern Beaches.

The Northern Territory has declared the Northern Beaches a hotspot, which means that anyone entering the region will have to hotel quarantine at their own expense.

If you’ve already arrived, you can self-quarantine, but if you’re planning on yeeting up north today, you’d want to have a spare $2,500 to blow on hotel quarantine.

“If you are intending to travel to the Northern Territory from an identified COVID-19 hotspot, you are advised to rethink your plans,” the NT government said in a statement on Friday morning.

“Anyone who has already arrived in the Northern Territory from Northern Beaches Council LGA on or after December 11 needs to arrange for a COVID-19 test and self-quarantine while awaiting the test results.”