Pour One Out For This Poor Sydneysider Who Had A Whole-Ass Couch Totally Crush Their Car

car couch crushed sydney ultimo

It’s always such a massive bummer when you get back to your car and find a bastard little parking ticket sitting under the windscreen wiper. But what if I told you it could always be worse? What if you got back to your car and a whole-ass couch was crushing the roof of your little beep beep? That’s exactly what happened to someone in Sydney this week.

Some unlucky sod out there in Ultimo is in a world of pain today after a hefty couch nearly flattened their ride like mechanical roadkill.

Sydney local Siena spotted the unfortunate scene on her way home on Thursday night and shared the damage on Twitter.

ultimo sydney couch car destroyed
RIP in peace. [Image: Twitter / @beastieboys4lyf]
Damn, who would have thought that in a battle between couch and car it would pretty much be a draw? Nobody looks good here.

Siena told PEDESTRIAN.TV she came across this absolute car crime scene on Jones St around 11pm on Thursday night. She reckons the couch segment was yeeted from a pretty great height to cause that much damage.

“When I walked past initially two detectives were standing there looking at it,” she said.

“The street has heaps of buildings on it all a couple [of] storeys high, the car was under one and from the angle, I reckon the armchair was intentionally dropped from a balcony or even a roof, to be honest.”

She said the couch seemed to have collected a tree on the way down to absolutely K.O. the car. So not only did the little Toyota get smacked with what looks to be the corner of a modular lounge, but a branch also fell on it, too.

Check out this shot from the back that Siena sent us. Don’t think that’s just gonna buff out, hey.

ultimo couch car destroyed
YIKES. [Image: Supplied]
God, here’s hoping that whoever had the strength and energy to hurl a couch from a great height onto that car had the decency to make sure nobody was around. I simply need to know all the goss leading up to this decision being made.

RIP little car, you didn’t deserve to be smushed by a big chunk of someone’s lounge room like a bug under someone’s shoe.