Sydney Braces For Hottest Ever January Night And Not A Bloody Wink Of Sleep

I get it, I do. You’re sick of people complaining about the heat. “This is Australia,” you say, “how are you surprised that it’s hot in Summer?” Here’s the thing, mate: it’s really, really fucking hot. In fact, it’s hotter than it’s ever been in our lifetime.

Last year Sydney and Darwin had their hottest years on record, while Brisbane and Hobart enjoyed* the hottest mean temperatures on record. Things are heating up and the summers are getting even more uncomfortable.
Sydney, in particular, is in for a very special form of sweaty insomnia hell tonight as the city is hit with the hottest January night on record.
Weather nerds (or “meteorologists”, as they prefer to be known), are anticipating temperatures of above 30 degrees at midnight, so if you’re in Sydney, now might be the perfect time to stash your bedding in the fridge or freezer like a complete weirdo.
While it’s mostly localised to northern NSW and south-east Queensland, a fair band across the middle of the country will be joining us in this outrageous and surely illegal heatwave.

If you’re in the affected areas, remember to give your plants, pets and children lots and lots of water and don’t do anything too strenuous in the midday heat if you can avoid it.
Good luck sleeping tonight or, alternatively, there’s never been a better time to binge-watch YouTube videos of weird Japanese wrestling videos.
Source: Daily Mail AU