Bondi Beach Is Literally Full & The Local Council Has Asked People To Reconsider Their Arvo Dip

bondi beach full capacity

Sydneysiders enjoying the warm weather today for the Labour Day public holiday have been asked to reconsider hitting the beach this afternoon, as Bondi Beach has pretty much hit full capacity for the day.

The Waverley Council tweeted at around 1pm this afternoon to confirm that North Bondi beach was getting busy and urging people to pick a spot further up the beach, or down at South Bondi.

Since then, police have arrived at the southern end of the beach, and reports have emerged that the beach is now being restricted due to the massive amounts of people flocking down there for a bit of a cool off.

The Waverley Council told PEDESTRIAN.TV that the beach is maintaining a strict capacity of 500 people on the sand, and at the time of writing the beach has not yet been fully closed to new visitors yet, though it is close to hitting its capacity limits.

God, imagine getting down the beach and there’s a secco in sunnies stopping you at the gates because they’re at capacity. As someone in Melbourne, what I would give to have to stand and wait out the front of a venue while they do the old one-out-one-in rigmarole. Maybe not at the beach at 3pm on a 30-degree day, though.

Meanwhile, in Melbourne, Premier Dan Andrews has said the 5km radius restriction could be extended beyond October 19, if people continue to flout the rules to go to [checks notes] St Kilda Beach. Of all places to break your 5km radius, you’re choosing St Kilda Beach. Wow.

So I guess if you’re after a little afternoon dip to celebrate the extra day off (I’m not jealous) or the gorgeous weather (once again, not jealous) and the first foray into daylight savings for another year, maybe have a look into one of the other many beaches along the Sydney coast.

No good getting all the way to Bondi, wrestling yourself a decent park, hot-footing it down to the beach, and getting told you can’t throw yourself into the ocean because the sand’s full. Just go to Clovelly or something, and be thankful you can go to the beach right now.