‘Stranger Things’ Is Copping A Wild LEGO Set That Includes The Upside Down

Brickheads among you, it’s time to freak the hell out: LEGO just announced they’ll be releasing a frankly insane-looking Stranger Things set, and the detail it goes into is utterly bonkers.

[jwplayer V7nUO6Xw]

Not only does the new and very large set set feature a replica of the Byers’ house – complete with light-up alphabet wall – but it also features a sinister mirrored Upside Down version of it, lurking menacingly below ground level.

The entire set can be flipped up either way to have your desired dimension featured at the top, and both of the houses feature versions of Will‘s bedroom, as well as living and dining rooms from the house. There’s also a stack of show-inspired minifigs that come with the set, including ElevenMikeLucasDustin, Will, JoyceChief Hopper, and the ever-menacing Demogorgon from down below. No Barb though, so presumably her minifig was consumed by the monster in LEGO world as well.

It’s by no means a small set either: Clocking in at some 2,287 pieces, stitching the whole shebang together will probably take you the best part of a real lazy Sunday.

Unfortunately for those impulse purchasers among you, it’s not exactly cheap: The highly detailed set comes in at an eye-watering AUD$349.99, making it more of a special occasion purchase rather than something you pick while staggering around a 24-hour K-Mart blind pissed on a Sunday morning.

Y’know, probably.

The good news for those of you still frothing to get your hands on it, is that you won’t have to wait very long: LEGO confirmed the new Stranger Things set will be available to scoop up both online and on shelves at all your regular toy haunts from June 1st onwards.

Hop to it, nerds!