Opa! Greek Cops Found A Stolen Picasso But When Showing It To Media, Dropped It On The Floor

picasso dropped greek police video

Police in Greece have recovered a priceless Pablo Picasso painting, which was swiped in a daring art heist nearly 10 years ago. Unfortunately, when showing off their recovered loot to international media, they dropped it on the floor.

The Picasso piece ‘Head of a Woman’ was stolen from the gallery in 2012 along with a 1905 painting by Mondrian, and both were found in a dried up ravine in Keratea south-east of Athens, after the alleged thief had hidden them there.

Despite being stolen nearly 10 years ago and then being found wrapped in plastic in a ditch, the best part of this whole fiasco is that the cops just fucked it and let the famous artwork yeet to the floor because they didn’t prop it up right.

I keep watching this bit of the video on a loop, because it’s just so funny.

The guy’s face when the painting just slides off the shelf, like he knows he’s probably brought on some kind of ancient abstract curse by letting it hit the floor. It was the one moment of pride for the Greek cops and they let it slip away, much like how the Picasso art slipped onto the ground.

Not just that but his knowing look of “fuck, the optics on that aren’t great” as he picks up the painting WITH HIS BARE HANDS to put it back up on the shelf. I can hear my art teachers having a conniption from here.

The BBC reports that the art heist was done in about seven minutes, after the alleged thief – a 49-year-old builder – spent about six months monitoring the movements of guards and staff, including noting their smoke breaks, and apparently set off a false alarm in another part of the gallery.

The suspect also claimed he took a third artwork – Guglielmo Caccia‘s ‘Saint Diego de Alcala in ecstasy with the Holy Trinity and Symbols of Passion’ from the early 17th Century – but decided it had been damaged and flushed it down the toilet.

Imagine just taking a piece of art dated from the early 17th Century and deciding to get rid of it by letting it swirl down the toot. Simply cannot believe it.