WATCH: Gallery Visitor Destroys $250K Artwork With Happy-Snap Gone Wrong

Some people are terrified of deep water. The mere idea of air travel puts others on edge. But, there are those whose greatest fears are a little less mortal, who are kept awake at night by the thought of… well, shit like this. 
A visitor to Los Angeles’ art exhibition The 14th Factory was filmed knocking over an art installation like a series of increasingly-expensive dominoes, and the footage somewhat vindicates everyone who chooses to buy the coffee table book instead of catching an exhibit in person.

The incident can be seen unfolding in the top right corner, as the visitor crouches down to pose for a photo.

While the damage was done a couple of weeks back, the footage has only been made public in the past day.

The YouTube user who uploaded the clip claims to be mates with the piece’s mastermind Simon Birch, and writes the individually-crafted crowns held on that row of pedestals were worth in excess of AU $250,000.

Those crowns were part of an installation called Hypercaine, one of fourteen different artworks contained within Birch’s exhibition. 
The premise was that each work would represent a different part of a hero’s journey, with each visitor seeing a story unfold with every new piece. We’re unsure how accidentally knocking shit over fits in with the concept of the crown as a triumphant metaphorical device, but hey.
For what it’s worth, LA Times deemed the whole deal “an exhibition that feels more like a series of selfie backdrops and art theme park” than a totally sincere exhibit. The footage proves that at least one unlucky visitor saw the opportunity for a happy snap, and ended up taking an unexpected ride.

And, for all of those who live in terror of something like this happening to them: maybe don’t stress too much. The exhibition is still open, and yes, the remaining crowns are still in place.

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