Steve Wozniak Reviews “Jobs”, Unimpressed With Ashton Kutcher

The first of two anticipated biopics based on Apple founder Steve Jobs‘ life, Jobs, was released in the US this week much to widespread contempt of critics. We already knew from the pseudo-inspirational trailer, with its uplifting crescendos everyplace and a vomituous narration that should be straight up destroyed, that Jobs probably wasn’t going to enthral critics and audiences alike. One critic likened it to an unsavoury, deeply self aware (blow) Job(s); Rotten Tomatoes has it at a paltry 24% rating, Vulture declared it was the equivalent of a feature length slow clap, and Mashable simply stated that it didn’t work. Ack. Smells like an early contender for the Razzies? :/

But sheesh, what would the critics know? Its Australian release isn’t for a few weeks, which means Margaret & David haven’t reviewed Jobs: naturally, it’s difficult to consider any of the reviews as even mildly credible anyway.
Enter Steve Wozniak, BFF of Steve Jobs and co-founder of Apple, probably the only guy who retains any kind of agency to deem the authority and worthiness of the film. Commenting on Gizmodo‘s review, Wozniak provided candid thoughts on Jobs, saying, “I was attentive and entertained but not greatly enough to recommend the movie.” 
Wozniak goes on to say the crux of Jobs‘ downfall can be blamed on Ashton Kutcher: “I suspect a lot of what was wrong with the film came from Ashton’s own image of Jobs. Ashton made some disingenuous and wrong statements about me recently (including my supposedly having said that the ‘movie’ was bad, which was probably Ashton believing pop press headlines) and that I didn’t like the movie because I’m paid to consult on another one. These are examples of Ashton still being in character.”
Hear that, Ashton? That’s the sound of someone IRL punking you.
Wozniak also laments on some of those big old gaping Truth Holes in the film (he previously said that his relationship with Steve Jobs, and some of the events portrayed in the film were “totally wrong”), saying that he was “turned off” by the Jobs script, which made him decline from acting as a consultant to the film. The Aaron Sorkin film of the exact same premise, but with what already looks like far more skilled execution, on the other hand, has secured Wozniak as a consultant to the film. 
You can read Steve Wozniak’s entire Jobs review here.