FYI: You’ve Been Squeezing Your Avo The Wrong Way This Whole Time

Um, not to bloody alarm you or anything but apparently we’ve all been squeezing our avos the wrong way and ruining them for other people. Yeah, you read that right. Sweet Jesus, what a mess.

So, you know how you suss a supermarket avo by giving them a super keen squeeze to see if they’re ripe or not? Yeah, well apparently that just fucks them up a whole lot.

Sorry to say but we all have vicious monster grips. For SHAME.

Today the ABC shared the news that squeezing an avo too hard “leaves brown and bruised flesh hidden under the skin”. And research has also shown 97 per cent of customers do the whole squeeze-the-avo thing at supermarkets. That’s nearly every damn one of us.

Suddenly, slicing open an avo only to find it kinda bruised makes a whole lot of sense now.

And out of all the first world problems out there, this one really stings. Especially since coughing up five bucks for a bruised avo is total bullshit.

So how do we fix the problem?

Well avo farmer, Jamie Nicolaou is to the rescue with some helpful tips on securing a perfectly good avo without absolutely ruining it.

Not all heroes wear capes.

So once again: check the colour because the darker it is the riper, or you can try holding the precious avo in your palm and  g e n t l y  pressing down. You should be feeling for a semi soft but firm avo for all your brunchin’ needs.

Other tips to avoid bruised avos (and hearts) include not chucking them at the bottom of your bag at the supermarket but let’s be real, nobody would do that to a five dollar avo. It’s sacrilege.

Anyway, tell everyone. We need to protect our fragile avo skins.