Self-Serve Checkout Thief Fined A V. Chill $326K For Scanning Meat As Fruit

A German man has copped an enormous fine after he was caught chucking a swifty at a supermarket self-serve checkout.

The 58-year-old business man was fined a whopping $326K after he scanned $73.50 worth of veal liver as cheap fruit. Seems like a harsh punishment, no? Well, according to the Munich district court who handed down the conviction of theft, the fine was based on his monthly income of $37,500.

Old mate had also been caught doing the same thing three times before, on top of previous convictions for theft and tax evasion, so it certainly wasn’t his first rodeo.

The man was released from jail – where he was held since December – after his court appearance.

And if you’ve been trying to pass off expensive shit as fruit here in Australia, you should probably knock it off, because supermarkets are cracking down on that shit. In October of 2017, Coles called on the police to help curb supermarket theft, something which costs the company $1.1 billion every year.

“No matter how small you think it is, even if it’s the avocado and you’re saving $2, it’s still shoplifting,” detective superintendent Murray Chapman said. “It’s still stealing, it’s still a crime and if we catch you or you get caught, you will be charged.”

Don’t do grocery crime, folks.