Some Legend’s Been Painting Gimp Masks Over Liberal Party Signs In Tassie

We bloody love defacing a political corflute during election season, we do. And it’s the easiest thing in the world to do: Just a pen and a head full of thoughts waiting to be spewed out.
Hell, there’s several signs for Greens MP Adam Bandt in the area near PEDESTRIAN.TV‘s Melbourne HQ that all infer the defacer would see Bandt next Tuesday.
‘Course there’s your regular run-of-the-mill vandalism, and then there’s the kind of thing that swings more towards the side of being actual art.
Down in Tasmania in the electorate of Braddon, which covers much of the state’s west and north-west, incumbent Liberal MP Brett Whiteley is gunning for re-election in the seat that’s generally see-sawed between Labor and Liberal since 1998.
Whiteley took the federal seat at the 2013 election, after a long career representing the electorate in the Tasmanian state parliament.
As it turns out, not everyone’s pumped on the idea of three more years of Whiteley.
One intrepid local in the west coast town of Queenstown has taken it upon themselves to hit up just about every Whitely sign erected in the town, painting a gimp mask over Whiteley’s face and urging voters to choose Gimp Whiteley instead of regular-ole’ Brett.

Credit where it’s due: That’s a bang-up job they’ve done, right there.
Reps for Whiteley have stated that he is aware of the vandalism and that they expect the defaced posters to be replaced soon.
We reckon he should steer into the skid instead and run on a solid platform of TISM instead.

Seriously, “WHATAREYA?” is an *outstanding* election slogan.
Source: The Mercury.
Photo: Joel Stern/Facebook.