We all love ourselves a little bit of Pokémon from time to time, but have you ever gotten the feeling that the wee little critters were not designed with our ever-so-unique Antipodean culture in mind?

That there’s nothing in the ole’ Pokedex that truly represents an Australian player?

That the whole shebang would be infinitely more shithot if it were just a smidge more ocker?


The Internet, being the endless source of pure joy/insane people/porn that it is, has today gifted unto us all this incredible Pokedex full of Australian-style Pokémon and it goddamned rules.

Artist Paul Robertson, who does some utterly magical work with pixel-art, has created and shared a full Australian Pokedex featuring 151 ‘Strayan Pokémon that take inspiration from every corner of Australiana.

Did we mention the fact that it fucking rules? Because holy shit, wrap your eyes around this.




Lookit all of them! Stubbee! Fongg! Platterpuss! WHOOROO!

If there is absolutely any justice in this world, a modder will plug all these sprites into a copy of ‘Pokémon Gold‘ tout bloody suite.

Gotta catch ’em all, mates.

Source: Twitter.

Photo: Paul Robertson/Twitter.