Social Media Did Triple Backflips Over ‘Australian Ninja Warrior’ Last Night

Fit people trying to swing across giant pools using nothing more than a glorified curtain. Of course you’d be hell keen to watch that, but nobody anticipated just how keen Australia would be to get squarely around it.
We already know that the debut of ‘Australian Ninja Warrior‘ drew in a mind-numbing amount of viewers, crushing any and all opposition it had to win the Sunday night TV battle.
But it ain’t just in pure viewership that a show’s success is judged on nowadays. Social media, folks. That’s the name of the game. And in terms of people reacting online, the show is a stone cold hit. Shit was running numbers.
#NinjaWarriorAU was trending overnight and well into the morning, with people piling on the gags thick as they gawked at these extremely fit people doing outrageously physical things while everyone’s knees simultaneously groaned in protest.
The mood on Twitter shifted rapidly as each prospective contestant was put through their paces.
There was poor old mate Deadpool, whose untimely belly flop apparently didn’t leave much to be desired, according to at least a few eagle-eyed viewers.

Then we had Jack Wilson, the first competitor on the show to complete the first stage course, and a proud Indigenous man to boot.

‘Course we also had those questioning Nine’s decision to pack in as many ads into the 90-minute broadcast as they possibly could.

And, inevitably, a considered and very diverse discussion re: the abdominal region of the competitors, which – as could plainly be seen – was not insignificant.

Ultimately though the show is still in its infancy and will improve over time. Though that isn’t stopping anyone from putting forth their suggestions for where it could actually improve.

This, which we would sign up for on the fkn spot quite frankly:

And this, reminding the show that while it might’ve had a good first outing, the bar on Australian TV is still set dizzyingly high.

The GOAT is the GOAT for a reason, after all.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.